Privacy Promise and related policies

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant data protection and confidentiality policy
The information about confidentiality in no way contravenes your rights under the GDPR May 2018 to access personal data that I, Dr Jonathan Pointer, and owner of, hold on you. I keep confidential records. All records are kept securely. These records are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation May 2018. Your personal and sensitive personal data will only be used in order to provide the service to you and for managing and quality assuring the service. Records are kept for a period of 7 years and are then destroyed.
To work with you, I will need to have and store your email, telephone number, and Skype/FaceTime/ Zoom username/email.

Skype encryption details: https://support/

FaceTime encryption details:

Zoom encryption details:
I do not sell or trade any personal identifying information to outside parties.
As a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, I am required to have clinical supervision. Any content from therapy sessions which is discussed with my supervisor, is kept anonymous.
If a client of mine needs the medical and/or emergency services, I will seek the client’s permission in advance of seeking said support. However, if any of my clients are at risk to themselves or others, I am duty bound as a mental heath professional (as are all counsellors, psychotherapists, clinical and counselling psychologists, hypnotherapists, social workers, and psychiatrists), to share this information with the appropriate medical and/or emergency services, and thus, at these times, I may need to bypass the client’s consent. However, given that my service is a non-emergency service, this is extremely unlikely to happen.